Parent Support

Parent Coaching
Parents are and will be the most important agents of change in their children’s lives.  In all cases, Elinor seeks the collaborative engagement of parents or caregivers in the therapeutic process.  During coaching sessions, Elinor helps parents to:

-understand and prevent power struggles with their child / youth
-set reasonable boundaries while allowing for age-appropriate levels of autonomy
-communicate with a child in ways that naturally build confidence and connection
-recognize a child’s need for connection or limit setting in any given moment
-discern developmentally normal or abnormal behaviour
-notice where personal histories may be interfering with parenting
-cultivate healthy parent-child attachment through play and atunement

Many times, the challenges parents face are due to the overwhelming stress and pressure placed on the modern family. We can help you with tools to manage your stress via counselling as well as neurofeedback, a powerful technology-based brain training program now offered at NeurAlive>>> Derek Barnett Jersey