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By David Noel Freedman

Six years within the making, this cutting-edge dictionary bargains the main updated and accomplished remedy of biblical matters and scholarship. a necessary reference for each severe reader of the Bible.

B & W illustrations and line-art all through.

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See also Eshtemoa (PLACE). 1-2 2:617 Hamilton, Jeffries M. Eshtemoa (PLACE) + 2:617-618 Peterson, John L. Eshton (PERSON) 2:618 Lo, Hing Choi Esli (PERSON) + 2:618 Porter, Stanley E. Essene Gate + 2:618-619 Riesner, Rainer; Callaway, Phillip R. ) Essenes. See also Qumran; Dead Sea Scrolls 2:619-626 Collins, John J. Esther, Additions to + 2:626-633 Moore, Carey A. Esther, Book of + 2:633-643 Moore, Carey A. Et-Twein (PLACE). See Abu et-Twein, Khirbet Eta 2:643 Etam (PERSON). See also Etam (PLACE) 2:643 Etam (PLACE) 1-2 2:643-644 Kotter, Wade R.

See Judgement, Hall of Hall of Tyrannus. See Tyrannus (PERSON) Hallel + 3:30 Hallelujah. See Psalms, Book of Hallohesh (PERSON) 3:30-31 Ham (PERSON) + 3:31-32 Ham (PLACE) + 3:32 Haman (PERSON) + 3:33 Hamath (PLACE) + 3:33-36 Hamath, Entrance of (PLACE) 3:36-37 Hamath-Zobah (PLACE) + 3:37 Hamid (PLACE). See Abu Hamid, Tell Hammath (PERSON) + 3:37 Hammath (PLACE) + 3:37-38 Hammedatha (PERSON) + 3:38 Hammolecheth (PERSON) + 3:38 Hammon (PLACE) 1-2 + 3:38-39 Hammoth-Dor (PLACE) + 3:39 Hammuel (PERSON) 3:39 Hammurapi (PERSON) + 3:39-42 Hamon-Gog (PLACE) 3:42 Hamonah (PLACE) 3:42 Hamor (PERSON) + 3:42-43 Hamran (PERSON) 3:43 Hamul (PERSON) 3:43 Hamutal (PERSON) + 3:43 Hana (PERSON) 3:43 Hanamel (PERSON) 3:43 Hanan (PERSON) 1-9 + 3:43-45 Hananel, Tower of (PLACE) + 3:45 Hanani (PERSON) 1-5 + 3:45-46 Hananiah (PERSON) 1-15 + 3:46-47 Handbreadth.

Cuffey, Kenneth Hugh Thompson, Henry O. Hunt, Melvin Herion, Gary A. ABD Article Index Heldai (PERSON) 1-2 3:117-118 Duke, Rodney K. Heleb (PERSON). See Heldai (PERSON) Helech (PLACE) + 3:118 Thompson, Henry O. Heled (PERSON). See Heldai (PERSON) Helek (PERSON) + 3:118 Weis, Richard D. Helem (PERSON) 1-2 + 3:118-119 Uitti, Roger W. Helena (PERSON) + 3:119-120 Drijvers, Jan W. Heleph (PLACE) + 3:120-121 Frankel, Rafael Helez (PERSON) 1-2 3:121 Duke, Rodney K. Heli (PERSON) + 3:121 Porter, Stanley E.

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