Gerard Clauson's An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-13th Century Turkish PDF

By Gerard Clauson

ISBN-10: 0198641125

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Bul. 10, 5; xv sayd a w (also awlak) 2 a p a Conjunction unique in h a ~ i n ga Neg. Tuh. zaa. 9. connotation and being used with the positive form of the verb (the meaning was not underS e p See l ap. stood by F. W. K. Miiller and he mistranslated U 11 4, 2-3). There are two usages, e:v basically 'dwelling place', with the parti(I) a p a p 'neither. nor'; (2) Neg. verb cular connotation of a separate dwelling place, . a p 'nor', sometimes followed by positive the exact meaning, 'tent, house', etc.

57. Prof. A. K. Borovkov, para. 60. pars. 64 (4). Buddhist ( U ~ g u r )para. , 21 (3) (c). , para. 50. N. 0. 0. Abl. Acc. ; acc. to Adj. Adv. 'Ali Alt. (I) Code ktter, para. 15; (2) prefix 'Compound', para. 18 (I). C Central Asiatic Journal. CAJ Codex Cumanicus, German entries, para. 47. CCG Codex Cumanicus, Italian entries, para. 47. CC1 (Latin) confer, 'compare'. cf. common in all periods (and languages). c. i. a. p. (a. ) Caferoilu, para. 64 (I). Caf. Causative (form of verb). Caus. -Uyg. Dict.

Inscription, para, 2 1 (2). 'that is'. , para. 50. Imperatil-e (mood of verb). Infinitive (of verb). Instrumental case. Intransitive (verb). Irk Bitig, para. 20 (2) ( d ) . Ixe-xu~otuinscription, para. 20 ( I ) (d). Jotrrriul of the Royal Asiatic Society. Dr. Gunnar Jarring, para. 58. Qrr:Bilig, pnra. 2 3 . Prose Preface of KB, para. 23. Verse Preface of KB, para. 23. ABBREVIATIONS, S H O R T TITLES, ETC. Ka$. Krm. Kar. L. Kar. T. Karg. Ka3. Kav. Kaz. Khak. KIP. Klr. Kiz. Kk. Koib. Korn. Kow. Krm.

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