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Antennae sensory appendages used for probing or smelling. arachnid the class of insects with four pairs of legs, including spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks. arachnoid resembling a spider’s web, or pertaining entomology the study of insects. exoskeleton the exterior supporting structure of the insect body. fang an appendage similar to a sharp tooth, also known as the chelicera. formic acid the acid injected or sprayed by some ants as a defense. fritiniency insect noises. gallmaker an insect that causes plants or trees to grow warty protuberances, or “galls,” around them.

Ashlar any type of squared building stone. abutment the mass of masonry that receives the astylar without columns; a facade lacking columns or pilasters of any kind. thrust of an arch or vault. acanthus Mediterranean plant whose leaves are represented as decoration on the capitals of Corinthian and composite columns. atlas a figure of a man used in place of a supporting column. backing brick a lower-quality brick used behind allegory any symbolic sculpture. face brick. amphiprostyle having columns only at the front balconet a false balconet projecting out slightly from a window and intended only for decoration.

Oxford English breed, gray to brown, polled, large. S. breed, white, polled, long wool. Shropshire English breed, dark-faced, polled, dense wool on head. Southdown English breed, light or dark brown, consisting of several individual units or facets. cremaster at the tip of the abdomen of a pupa, an extension used to attach the pupa to the place of pupation. crepuscular active or flying during the twilight, as some species of moths and butterflies. dagger moth a family of moths recognized by black daggers or dashes on their gray brown forewings.

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