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It cost $1 for the 10-mile trip. This line was eventually sold to the New York Central, which later became Penn-Central. Now that these railroad pioneers had proved the feasibility of laying track across the rugged terrain in the Adirondacks, many others started their own railroads, particularly lumber tycoon John Hurd. Hurd’s line was confined at first to Franklin County and entered the park at Le Boeuf’s about 10 miles south of Santa Clara. The last link, the 22-mile section to Tupper Lake, was finished in 1889.

These are nights when wise Adirondackers remain indoors behind screened windows. Such is the nature of the land, however, that some nights in early June frost settles on the ground, although it quickly disappears with the rising sun. Mornings are enlivened by kingfishers hovering over a stretch of clear water. Suddenly, from a height of 50 feet, the kingfisher starts his dive into the water, his strong beak and back absorbing the shock as he emerges with a fingerling in his beak. He flies to a high tree branch and stuns the fish by cracking its head against the bough.

Those who hunt in groups are most successful. Deer tend to go into swamps and other low places at night to feed. With dawn, wise hunters line the ridges around such places, carefully watching the obvious runways. Drives are made to windward, with the thought that the deer will be chased towards the rifles of their friends. Snow flurries are common with the coming of November. If it is an otherwise dry fall, Adirondackers cast anxious eyes at the least sign of a smoky haze in the distance, even those from Canada.

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