Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 19 by P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth PDF

By P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth

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Although the ovary of the newly emerged female developed to maturity when transferred into mature flies, the larval ovary did not, suggesting that the ovary acquires the capacity to develop between the larval stage and that of the newly emerged fly (Bodenstein, 1938) (Fig. 2). Similar experiments were conducted later in the bug lphita limbata. Ovaries from third and fourth instar larvae and from young and older nymphs were transplanted into adults. In the first three cases, no development took place in the implanted ovaries, but the transplanted old nymph ovary was able to grow and differentiate, a result fairly similar to that obtained in Drosophila.

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