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This concise textbook offers scholars with all they wish for advancing in mathematical economics. special but student-friendly, Vohra's ebook contains chapters in, among others: * Feasibility * Convex Sets * Linear and Non-linear Programming* Lattices and Supermodularity. greater point undergraduates in addition to postgraduate scholars in mathematical economics will locate this ebook tremendous important of their improvement as economists.

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The applicability of the TDH for Greece is far from unambiguous (see Section V). III EMU is not (and cannot, at least easily, become) an OCA The second Mainstream perspective argues that, whatever national Greek ‘disease’ exists, it is aggravated by EMU’s structural deficiencies. That is, EMU is characterised as a non-OCA which is prone to asymmetric shocks that exacerbate national ‘diseases’. Thus, this second perspective emphasises the European structural dimension. e. EU cannot become something similar to the US) and its collapse is on the table.

As it can easily be shown, ULCs are related with the wage share and thus with income distribution between capital and labour. By focusing solely on ULCs, Orthodox economics equate competitiveness with wage restraint and engineer a ‘race to the bottom’ as different economies compete to reduce wages in order to increase their competitiveness. These analytical deficiencies lead also to serious empirical problems. Kaldor (1978) compared the growth in ULCs and the growth in value in market shares for exports for 12 countries for 1963–75.

First, it forces diverse countries to live with a single interest rate and exchange rate that cannot be appropriate for all members. Second, combining a single currency with independent national budget policies encourages fiscal profligacy. The Greek situation is a manifestation of these flaws. ’ Feldstein’s position is reiterated by the Thatcherite Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA). In a 216-page study, edited by P. Booth (2013) it gives a characteristically damning account of the EMU from a neoliberal perspective.

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