George A. Anastassiou's Advanced Inequalities (Series on Concrete and Applicable PDF

By George A. Anastassiou

ISBN-10: 9814317624

ISBN-13: 9789814317627

This monograph provides univariate and multivariate classical analyses of complex inequalities. This treatise is a end result of the author's final 13 years of study paintings. The chapters are self-contained and a number of other complicated classes will be taught out of this publication. large history and motivations are given in each one bankruptcy with a finished checklist of references given on the finish. the themes coated are wide-ranging and various. contemporary advances on Ostrowski variety inequalities, Opial kind inequalities, Poincare and Sobolev style inequalities, and Hardy-Opial style inequalities are tested. Works on traditional and distributional Taylor formulae with estimates for his or her remainders and functions in addition to Chebyshev-Gruss, Gruss and comparability of capacity inequalities are studied. the consequences provided are regularly optimum, that's the inequalities are sharp and attained. functions in lots of parts of natural and utilized arithmetic, reminiscent of mathematical research, chance, traditional and partial differential equations, numerical research, details thought, etc., are explored intimately, as such this monograph is acceptable for researchers and graduate scholars. will probably be an invaluable educating fabric at seminars in addition to a useful reference resource in all technological know-how libraries.

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K ), αi ∈ Z+ , i = 1, . . , k, |α| = αi = j, j = 1, . . , n fulfill i=1 − fα (→ x 0 ) = 0. Vol(Q) Q where Dn+1 (f ) := max fα ∞ α : |α|=n+1 and → − − z −→ x0 k 1 := i=1 As a related result we give |zi − x0i |. 7. 6 we find that 1 Vol(Q) Q − − − f (→ z )d→ z − f (→ x 0) k n+1 ∂ 1 − |zi − x0i | · f d→ z. Vol(Q) Q ∂z i ∞ i=1 Furthermore, the last inequality is sharp : when n is odd it is attained by ≤ k f ∗ (z1 , . . , zk ) := i=1 (zi − x0i )n+1 , while when n is even the optimal function is k f˜(z1 , .

Xn ) − 1 n n i=1 (bi − ai ) [ai ,bi ] f (s1 , . . 48) i=1 we get n |∆| ≤ j=1 (|Aj | + |Bj |). 49) Later we will estimate Aj , Bj . 17. Here m ∈ N, j = 1, . . We suppose n 1) f : i=1 2) ∂ f ∂xj [ai , bi ] → R is continuous. are existing real valued functions for all j = 1, . . , n; 3) For each j = 1, . . , n we assume that continuous real valued function. = 1, . . , m − 2. ∂ m−1 f (x1 , . . , xj−1 , ·, xj+1 , . . 5in Book˙Adv˙Ineq Multidimensional Euler Identity and Optimal Multidimensional Ostrowski Inequalities 43 m 4) For each j = 1, .

The estimates are involving only the single partial derivatives of f and are with respect to · p , 1 ≤ p ≤ ∞. We give specific applications of the main results to the multidimensional trapezoid and midpoint rules for functions f differentiable up to order 6. We show sharpness of the inequalities for differentiation orders m = 1, 2, 4 and with respect to · ∞ . This treatment relies on [38]. 1 Introduction We mention as motivation to this chapter the great Ostrowski inequality, see [196], [16], [21], [24].

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Advanced Inequalities (Series on Concrete and Applicable Mathematics) by George A. Anastassiou

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