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By George Eliot

ISBN-10: 049725767X

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ISBN-10: 1423776305

ISBN-13: 9781423776307

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a operating German word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of Adam Bede. This variation will be helpful if you'd like

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Let us leave that, Seth. It's good to live only a moment at a time, as I've read in one of Mr. Wesley's books. It isn't for you and me to lay plans; we've nothing to do but to obey and to trust. " Dinah pressed his hand with rather a sad look in her loving eyes, and then passed through the gate, while Seth turned away to walk lingeringly home. But instead of taking the direct road, he chose to turn back along the fields through which he and Dinah had already passed; and I think his blue linen handkerchief was very wet with tears long before he had made up his mind that it was time for him to set his face steadily homewards.

We could never see him; we could only see the things he had made; and some of these things was very terrible, so as we might well tremble when we thought of him. But our blessed Saviour has showed us what God is in a way us poor ignorant people can understand; he has showed us what God's heart is, what are his feelings towards us. German blind: blind, Blinder, blenden, verblenden, Blende, blendest, blendet, Rollgardine, Rollo. comforted: getrost, tröstete. dwelling: Wohnung, wohnend, Behausung, Wohnhaus.

Why, you and me, dear friends, are poor. We have been brought up in poor cottages and have been reared on oat-cake, and lived coarse; and we haven't been to school much, nor read books, and we don't know much about anything but what happens just round us. We are just the sort of people that want to hear good news. For when anybody's well off, they don't much mind about hearing news from distant parts; but if a poor man or woman's in trouble and has hard work to make out a living, they like to have a letter to tell 'em they've got a friend as will help 'em.

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