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Mi, 2. ti, di 3. ) fì Plural ni chwi hwy, hwynt 46 PRONOUNS (b) Reduplicated Singular 1. myfi 2. tydi 3. ) (c) Conjunctive Singular 1. minnau 2. tithau 3. ) Plural ninnau chwithau hwythau, hwyntau The forms under (b) are accented on the final syllable. § 68. '; Dyro hwy iddo! '; A welsoch chwi hi? '; Oni welsoch chwi yntau (hefyd)? '; Fel yr edwyn y Taâfyfi 'As the Father knoweth me'; 'Y Tad cyfiawn, nid adnabu'r byd dydi' 'O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee'; 'ac yn awr y diddenir ef ac y poenir dithau' 'now he is comforted and thou art tormented'.

49. Compound adjs. g. gloywdduaf claerwynnaf Gwerthfawr can be compared thus: gwerthfawroced, gwerthfawrocach, gwerthfawrocaf; and both clodfawr and clodforus have a superlative clodforusaf 'most renowned'. SYNTAX O F A D J E C T I V A L F O R M S O F C O M P A R I S O N § 50. E q u a t i v e Degree. ) + noun or pronoun + cyn + equative form + â (ag) + noun or pronoun: Y mae'r dillad cyn wynned â V eira 'The clothes are as white as snow'. Yr oedd eigwallt cyn ddued â'r frân 'her hair was as black as the crow'.

Like an adj. cyntafcan be placed after the noun it quaìifies: y plentyn cyntaf; y llyfr cyntaf; yr adnod gyntaf; y cartref cyntaf; y bont gyntaf; y pethau cyntaf It can also come before the noun: (without the article) cyntaf peth ' ( t n e ) first thing'. Preceded byyn it can be adverbiaì:yn gyntaf dim Tirst of all'. In a composite ordinal it is unfed (not cyntaí) that is used: yr unfed mis ar ddeg 'the eleventh month'. : Siôry trydydd 'George the third'; Rhisiarty cyntaf 'Richard the first'; Clementyr ail 'Clement the second'; Adda'r ail 'the second A d a m ' .

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