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Is literature one of those lie? Can fiction ever be "realistic"? Why can we learn? What should still we learn? Professor Drout offers perception into those and different provocative questions, together with these with regards to the function of the textual content, writer, and viewers within the analyzing process.

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The patterns can be: STRESSED unstressed unstressed = dactyl (the word “poetry” is a dactyl) unstressed STRESSED unstressed = amphibranch (used in limericks) unstressed unstressed STRESSED = anapest STRESSED unstressed STRESSED = cretic There are others, but really only the dactyl and the anapest are important to most poetry (a lot of Dr. Seuss’s verse is anapestic). At this point, many readers ask, “So what? ” But labels indicate patterns, and the audience of a poem extracts information from those patterns.

The most famous is perhaps Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, in which the story of a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury becomes the excuse for the telling of a variety of tales by different authors. Chaucer got this idea from Boccacio’s Decameron, and it has influenced many, many writers, including William Faulkner, who gave the frame narrative its own twist in As I Lay Dying: the entire story is told from multiple points of view, all eventually pulling together to give us a single story of the death of Addy Bundren and the transportation of her rotting corpse to her family’s ancestral cemetery.

The process is called metonymy, and a more specialized version is synecdoche. In both cases, the part stands for the whole (in Latin, pars pro toto). Calling the executive apparatus of the United States government “The White House” is a form of metonymy; calling the ruler of England “the British Crown” is synecdoche. In the first case we have a single thing that is part of a complex representing that entire thing; in the second case, we have an actual physical part (the crown is worn by the queen).

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