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3. Modified after Thomas A. Sebeok, Contributions to the Doctrine of Signs, 2d ed. (Lanham: University Press of America, 1985), p. 155, figure 1. properties of its several parts; on the contrary, the communicational process indispensably requires that each constituent be conceived of as functioning in relation to every other. One very important component is omitted from the flowchart model of the communication process depicted in Fig. 3. This is the context in which the entire transaction is embedded.

Imagine, for example, an airport traffic controller (the source) attempting to convey precise landing instructions (the message) to a pilot (the destination) by radio (the channel) during an electrical storm (noisy environmental context). One meansperhaps the simplestwhereby the controller can intromit redundancy to ensure reasonably error-free reception in such a high-risk situation is to reiterate all or parts of the original message, even at the expense of slowing himand the process of landingappreciably.

As Kant insistedand, of course, both Peirce and Jakob von Uexküll had thoroughly assimilated Kantian principles"raw experience" is unattainable; experience, to be apprehended, must first be steeped in, strained through, and seasoned by a soup of signs. For this reason, this brand of Idealism can be called "semiotic idealism," in the apt designation put forward by the Toronto philosopher David Savan (1983). " Without necessarily committing oneself to this or that brand of idealismonly the realist positions are, I think, altogether devoid of interestit is clear that what semiotics is finally all about is the role of mind in the creation of the world or of physical constructs out of a vast and diverse crush of sense impressions.

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