Thomas D. Burrows, Murray Barnson Emeneau's A Dravidian Etymological dictionary PDF

By Thomas D. Burrows, Murray Barnson Emeneau

ISBN-10: 0198643268

ISBN-13: 9780198643265

"This booklet is a whole and systematic checklist of the complete on hand Dravidian vocabulary. It covers 4 significant literary languages and a few fourteen minor languages, a large amount of the fabric for that's the following released for the 1st time. The dictionary is etymologically prepared and the vocabulary is assessed into 4,572 numbered goods. entire indexes for every language persist with. The meanings are given as exhaustively as is achievable in this type of paintings, in order that the total variety of the applying of every notice turns into obtrusive. The dictionary is, with a few exceptions, restricted to the local Dravidian aspect to the exclusion of loans from Indo-Aryan. it's the first paintings of its style that has been tried, and it'll be an fundamental software to all these engaged in Dravidian linguistics and to Indian philology in general."

As digital information base the dictionary is gifted the following:

New Dravidian DB compiled by way of G.S.Starostin at the foundation of DEDR are available the following:

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