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An curiosity within the heart a long time frequently brings the non-specialist reader up brief opposed to a be aware or time period which isn't understood or purely imperfectly understood. This dictionary is meant to place an finish to all that: it's been designed to be of genuine aid to normal readers and experts alike. The dictionary comprises a few 3,400 phrases as headwords, starting from the felony and ecclesiastic to the extra prosaic phrases of way of life. Latin used to be the language of the church, legislation and executive, and plenty of Latin phrases illustrated listed below are usually present in glossy books of historical past of the interval; equally, the ideal which means of outdated English and center English phrases may perhaps elude contemporary reader: this dictionary endeavours to supply readability. as well as definition, etymologies of many phrases are given, within the trust that realizing the beginning and evolution of a note offers a greater knowing. There also are examples of medieval phrases and words nonetheless in use this present day, yet another reduction to clarifying that means.

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Armes courtoises Armures de fer. Lit. ‘armour of/armed with iron’. The collective term for knights and squires because they wore iron *mail. Arpent. A measure of land equal to approx. one acre. It was used by the Normans when measuring or describing the size of vineyards. Arra [arrhe]. Term for money paid in advance by merchants to monasteries for their wool; this was often paid two or three years in advance. These were effectively loans and the merchants made their interest by discounting. As much as one fifth of the sum might have been paid early in this way.

Lit. *‘Bibles of the poor’. These Bibles were in fact versions replete with illustrations but with little text. As with paintings on the walls of churches, they were intended to teach the illiterate. Such books are also known as ‘block books’, that is they were made from wood blocks onto which the picture and minimal text were engraved for printing. ) These Bibles first appeared during the 13c. 40 a dictionary of medieval terms and phrases Bibliotheca. A library. Bight. A bend; used geographically, a bend in a river.

E. dissection. Barbican. An external defence for *castle or city; extra defence for a city gate or bridge. [< Ar. barbahanne = shelter] Barbute. Soldier’s helmet which possessed a projection covering the wearer’s beard. [< L barba = beard] – Cf. Beaver Bard 1. Armour for a knight’s horse, covering both breast and flanks; sometimes mail was used; also the decorative material, often velvet, covering the same parts of the animal’s body. ) [< Ar. bard’a = saddle cloth, a saddle with stuffing] – Cf.

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