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By Peter Archer

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Dazzle along with your command of belle-lettres!

Like a real sophisticate, you would like to toss out informal bon mots to brighten up your dialog. you want to drift via cocktail events supplying your visitors crudités and hors d'oeuvres, toasting to the present Weltgeist and speculating on who is having an affaire de coeur.

But first you want to comprehend what these phrases mean.

Here's a consultant to declaiming like an highbrow in a international language. greater than 500 of the main wide-spread international phrases and words that increase our language and make us sound refined were translated into English, besides a pronunciation advisor and a pattern sentence displaying you the way to exploit them. furthermore, you will discover quotations in different languages, with a view to provoke all people along with your erudition and experiencia del mundo. All this including a plethora of minutae, spicing the entries with a beautiful mélange...

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This is the principle that before someone can be convicted of committing a crime, it must be proven that a crime was, in fact, committed. The problem arises particularly in murder cases in which no body of the victim is found. In such a case, the police and prosecution must prove to the court that there is an overwhelming likelihood of the missing person having been murdered. The difficulty in the case of many missing people is to establish CORPUS DELICTI so that someone can be charged with murder.

Although since Jesus was the Lamb of God, one might think it a bit strange to eat a lamb at the celebration of his resurrection. Nota Bene There has been considerable theological argument over the years about the sacrificial character of Jesus’s crucifixion, and early Christians sometimes associated the Lamb of God with the ancient custom of a “scapegoat,” a goat that would be sacrificed to atone for others’ sins. St. Anselm of Canterbury, however, argued that Jesus’s sacrifice was conscious and willing, and therefore he was not a scapegoat but a unique atonement for the sins of Mankind.

All indications are that the bruises on the subject’s neck were produced ANTE MORTEM, indicating he was probably strangled by an unknown person or persons. aperçu (French) (ah-per-SOO) (noun) A clever insight; alternately, a summation. I find your APERÇU of the situation to be extremely helpful. apéritif (French) (ah-per-i-TEEF) (noun) A predinner drink, designed to stimulate the palate in preparation for the meal. Its counterpart is a digestif, which is served at the meal’s conclusion. Excuse me, would you care for an APÉRITIF before we go in to dinner?

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