Elinor draws upon a combination of therapeutic modalities in order to meet the unique needs and inclinations of each child and youth.  These include:

Play therapy 

Often limited in their capacity to talk about feelings, therapeutic play techniques provide ways for children to safely and playfully bring their problems to the surfacewhile the counsellor skillfully supports the child in playing out their resolution. In Elinor’s playroom, imaginative play is facilitated with a variety of carefully chosen toys, figurines and puppets.

Expressive art therapy
Expressive arts allow children to express and release blocked emotions in a safe and soothing way, often with the active use of the body. In Elinor’s playroom, children are supported to express freely with musical instruments, vocal sound, movement, theatre, storytelling, drawing, painting and molding clay.

Eco-therapy works on the premise that nature heals. At Rising Sun, there is freedom and space for children to interact with the natural world, and to explore its metaphors for change, growth, rebirth and resilience. In this way, the nearby beach, gardens and forest paths become an extension of the playroom.

Somatic Therapy
The felt sense in the body is a powerful avenue for understanding one’s needs and confronting parts of ourselves that we may be avoiding.  Sinking deeply into the sensations of the body with mindfulness and curiousity, increases our self-awareness, calms our nervous system, and grounds us in the here and now.  At Rising Sun, we incorporate somatic based therapy throughout our sessions via play or by teaching self-regulation skills or mindfulness meditation.

Cognitive behaviour therapy
Most effective with children eight and up, this talk therapy uses a variety of techniques to help children gain awareness of negative thought patterns and change their responses to stressful situations. This is often integrated with the therapeutic modalities listed above.

Also known as neurotherapy or eeg biofeedback, Neurofeedback is a powerful evidence-based approach to enhancing mental health and well-being.  Though based in technology, neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of the brain’s natural resources.  Learn more here>>>

Counselling and therapy for parents
Elinor is available to counsel adults on any issues that effect their ability to parent and connect with their children of all ages.  Counselling can help parents gain insight into their parenting style and develop personalized strategies to support their children’s healthy development.

Philosophical Underpinnings

Elinor’s understanding of child development is rooted in Transpersonal Psychology and Family Systems Theory.

Transpersonal Psychology
Known as the fourth force of Psychological theory, Transpersonal Psychology integrates the spiritual or transcendant aspects of human existence into the study and practice of psychology.  Building on humanistic models of child development, learning and attachment formation, the transpersonal view of human existence posits that every life is sacred and endowed with unique talents and potential.  Elinor aims to support children in gaining awareness of these gifts and the confidence to express them.

Family Systems Theory
This theory is based on the premise that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from their family units.  Each individual is part of a system of interrelationships, where the individual both impacts the system and is impacted by the system simultaneously.  As appropriate, Elinor will engage relevant family members in the therapeutic process.

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